Dubbelman Ridderkerk B.V.

Since 1906 the address for manufacturing, repairing, restoring and modifying ship models, scale models, design models and mockups.

About Dubbelman Ridderkerk BV

Over the years we have gained a lot of experience in making very precise scale models. There are well-known shipyards and designers among our clientele. We produce several ship models per year, which can be found all over the world at exhibitions, at companies and in museums. Some ship owners have the models at home or in their office.

We have noticed that our customers use models for different purposes, namely:

as an eyecatcher at an exhibition or office
as a tool for designers
as a tool for selling a design of a ship to be built
as an aid in selling a service of a company
as an aid in building the real ship

Our models are of a very high quality and precision. We can create both design models and fully detailed models for our customers.



Design models

Scale models

Fully detailed models