Below you can read how the company, from necessity, has grown in more than 100 years into a concept in the field of model building and architectural models. You will also find a number of photos of the 100 year jubilee that we celebrated extensively with an exhibition, partly in the local antiquity room and on our company site in Ridderkerk.

Founder Cornelis Dubbelman

Dubbelman Ridderkerk was founded in 1906 when founder, model maker boss Cornelis Dubbelman, was forced by circumstances to make a choice between his job or politics. It became politics, after which he decided to start his own business. Initially he produced wooden models for iron and copper foundries in the area. This soon expanded with the supply of teak steering wheels for ships with clients from all over the Netherlands and Belgium. Gradually the assortment expanded even further with teak wheelhouses and light and sliding covers.

From 1912 shipmodels

From 1912 onwards, things really took off when Dubbelman discovered a gap in the market by chance; a customer "forces" him to manufacture a ship model. Within 6 years the foundation has been laid for a globally known ship model factory.

When Cornelis dies in 1930, his son Antonie takes over the helm from his father. It is his job to ensure that the high investments made by his father are recouped. And that during the difficult years of the crisis and the second world war. After a number of difficult years, Antonie knows how to make the business flourish, partly by focusing more and more on model building. Later on, model building became the main activity for Dubbelman Ridderkerk BV.

A family business for 3 generations

When Harry took over Antonie's business in 1972, Antonie would continue to advise and advise the company well into the age of 80. In the meantime Harry has reached the retirement age, but he is still working on the production of the models and running of the company.

100 year jubilee

Dubbelman Ridderkerk exists for more than 100 years now. This anniversary was extensively celebrated with a book and a retrospective exhibition in the Ridderkerk "Oudheidskamer" for which various models were made available by customers. A maquette of castle Middachten, which was especially restored for the occasion, and the other displayed models, could be admired by the mayor mrs. JHM Hermans-Vloedbeld, business relations and other interested parties.

Below you can see an impression of this festive occasion and various pictures of the models, including pilot boat, steam hopper and training ship Eendracht.