Throughout the years, Dubbelman Ridderkerk B.V. gained a lot of experience in making very precise scale models. We use both modern and traditional techniques to create the ship models and scale models. With modern techniques, it is possible to print or mill precision work, making models that previously could not be made. Because we also master artisanal techniques, you can also come to us for building, restoration and repair of older and existing models.

Modern techniques

Dubbelman Ridderkerk B.V. masters the following modern techniques: laser cutting, laser engraving, 3D milling and 3D printing.

We have been able to make contacts with companies that specialize in 3D milling. They can make for us hulls, decks and other parts of the model with extreme precision. The material from which the parts are milled is polyurethane. A material that is very suitable for such work. For 3D printing of parts we have an extremely precise 3D printer.

CAD formats

Cad formats that can be worked with are: IGES, STEPS, DXF, DWG and 3DM.

Locally outsourced

90% of our work is done in our workshop, we outsource the rest of the production. Especially the 3D milling work is done by specialized companies. We choose our subcontractors in the region and with the greatest care. This means that your data is protected and will not be sent abroad.

Craft techniques

With our years of experience and a long history we have gone along with time. But that does not mean that we have lost the craft. You can also have older or existing models manufactured, repaired or restored.

If we are allowed to manufacture a complete model and modern 3D data is not available, we will work according to the stacking method to get planks in the right shape and create the right hull shape. A drawing showing the waterlines and a general plan with a top and side view, supplemented with photos if available, is sufficient to come to a beautiful model. All this is also possible at Dubbelman Ridderkerk B.V.

If you want to have a model manufactured, repaired or restored and want more information about the possibilities you can leave a message on the contact form. We will contact you as soon as possible.